Creating NFT's Steps

Let's get through the steps of creating an NFT

Select your network

Select the network from inside your wallet. You can follow this guide if you don't know how to do that <a href="" target="_blank">follow this tutorial</a>.


Complete the form

After completing the form (mainly the name, price and asset) press the submit button and wait for your image to upload and your wallet to pickup the transaction.


Check your wallet

Inside your wallet 2 transactions will appear one after another one for publishing your contract and one for minting. Make sure you don't run OUT OF GAS by editing gas values inside your wallet.


Your NFT is now published, let's find it.

By now your Contract is published and the NFT has been minted. You can check this by searching inside your chain's block explorer or depending on your chain on OpenSea , Binance, Metamask.


Let's make money.

There are a lot of options when selling your NFT and you can do the following: <ol> <li>Sell your NFT on any marketplace that supports your network. (Polygon and ETH on Opensea, BSC on Binance etc.)</li> <li>Modify your contract by adding any kind of action on transaction (ex: earn 10% for each sale on this contract)</li> <li>Creating your own marketplace with our tools</li> <li>Affiliate selling</li> </ol>